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Private Visa

According to visa rules citizens of the Philippines should personally submit documents to the Embassy if they go to Belarus for the first time in order to be interviewed by the consular officer.

In case of getting visa on arrival in the first time citizens of the Philippines will be also interviewed by the Consular officer at Minsk National airport.

Any further time interview is not conducted.

Type C — A short-term Private visa

Visit for private purposes.

The visa can be issued based on one of the following documents:

  • an original invitation issued by the local division of the Citizenship and Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus;
  • official confirmation (such as physician certified report or death certificate) on serious illness or death of a close relative or spouse – for processing a visa to a foreigner, as well as to his close relatives and family members, whose close relative or spouse became seriously ill or died in Belarus;
  • an original document confirming the ownership of the real estate property in Belarus for processing a visa to the owner of that property and to his or her family members;
  • application made by Belarusian healthcare institution or contract for medical services with Belarusian healthcare institution prepared in accordance with Belarusian legislation – for processing a visa to a foreigner who needs to receive a medical care in Belarus as well as to his escort person, if required;
  • a subpoena.

    By the prior consent of the consular officer an application prepared by a citizen of the Republic of Belarus in accordance with a specified form, whose signature is certified by:

  • Consular officer of the Embassy of Belarus authorized to perform notarial acts;
  • A notary public of the Republic of Belarus.

(The application of a citizen of the Republic of Belarus is valid for 90 days from the date of the notarial certification of the signature of the citizen of the Republic of Belarus).

For private invitation application form (should be prepared by a citizen of Belarus) please click here (In Belarusian).

The visa is issued for up to 90 days and may be single-entry, double-entry and multiple-entry.

Visa Fees

Multiple Entry Long-Term Visa (Type D)


EURO 120

  Philippines (in PHP)
BLS Service fee * 1800
2-way Courier (International) * 2500
Optional Courier (Local) ** 370
Form Filling Service ** 55
SMS Service ** 120

* mandatory service fees
** Optional value added service

Documents Requirment

The list of documents required in order to obtain a visa to Belarus

1. A standard visa application form in one (1) copy.

- It should be borne in mind that a visa application form must be filled out in a legible handwriting or typed in the national language of the host country of a foreign institution, in the Belarusian, Russian or English languages.

- Answers to the questions of the visa application form must be complete and logically consistent. In the application form, it is mandatory to indicate the actual purpose of a trip. The visa application form must be signed by the foreign citizen personally. The visa application form for a minor must be signed by his/her legal representative.

2. One (1) photograph according to the international standard: size 35х45 mm, on a light background, high resolution; in addition, the face must occupy 80% of the photograph; the photograph must not be older than six (6) months.

3. A foreign travel document– a passport or its replacement document — must contain a photograph of the owner.

- If children under 18 years old intend to travel abroad, a foreign travel document must contain the photographs of such persons.

- It is important to know that a passport must have at least two (2) blank pages intended for visa; its issue date must not be older than ten (10) years.

- Besides, a foreign travel document submitted by a foreigner must not be dubious in terms of authenticity or ownership; it must not contain any torn or unbound pages, entries or corrections that are not certified by the relevant competent authorities.

4. A medical insurance contract concluded with RUE Belgosstrakh or Beleximgarant or a medical insurance contract concluded with any foreign insurance organization.

- A medical insurance contract must contain the following data: the name of the foreign insurance organization, its country and registered address, contact data (phone numbers, e-mail), the full name of the foreign citizen.

- The insurance contract must cover the territory of the Republic of Belarus; it must also be valid for the total period of the foreigner's stay in Belarus. The limit of indemnity must not be less than EUR 10 000.

5. A confirmation of the consular fee paid (see the consular fee rate on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:

6. In certain cases, additional documents at the request of a consular officer in order to issue or deny a visa.

Invitation (visa support document) from Belarus’ tourist company/inviting person/business partner is submitted in the original.

For tourist visa support document is obtained from Belarus tourist company (after booking services like transfer/excursion) or from Belarus booking service (

Confirmation of Availability of Financial Means for Travelers to Belarus


In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus the representatives of the border control service may require foreign citizens entering Belarus to prove the availability of the financial means that required to cover expenses of the stay in the country.

You are required to have the proof of the availability of the financial means in an amount equivalent to not less than 525 USD for each month of the stay in Belarus.

For journeys to Belarus for less than one month – not less than 26 USD for each day of the stay.

Availability of the financial means can be confirmed by presenting one of the following proofs:

  • Belarusian rubles, US dollars, Euros and other currencies in cash*;
  • document that allows to obtain financial means (travel checks, securities, etc.);
  • ocument confirming the booking and payment of the hotel;
  • etter of guarantee of the inviting person that requests the entry of the foreign citizen to Belarus with the obligation to pay all costs related to the stay and departure of the foreign citizen;
  • vehicle or tickets to the home country or the visitor or to the third country.

A credit card designed for the payments abroad can be considered as the proof of the availability of the financial means only if there is a bank account statement that was issued not earlier than 10 days before the day of the arrival to Belarus.

*It is not recommended to present rare currencies as the proof of the availability of the financial means in order to avoid the difficulties during currency exchange operations.

Photo Specifications

The photographs must be:

  • No more than 6-months old
  • 35-40mm in width
  • Close up of your head and top of your shoulders so that your face takes up 70 -80% of the photograph
  • In sharp focus and clear
  • Of high quality with no ink marks or creases

Processing Time

1. Transit Visa (Type В): Processing Time
5 business days* 2 business days*
single, double, multiple entry transit visa EURO 60

EURO 120

single, double, multiple entry group transit visa (for each member of a group) EURO 10 EURO 20
2. Short-Term Visa (Type С):    
single, double, multiple entry short-term visa EURO 60 EURO 120
single, double, multiple entry group short-term visa (for each member of a group) EURO 10 EURO 20
3. Multiple Entry Long-Term Visa (Type D) EURO 60 EURO 120
4. Legalization/Attestation EURO 35 -

*The above mentioned processing time refers to the visa processing at Embassy and does not include the courier transit time.

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